Italy, a land of extraordinary art and beauty. This is MIMI’s birthplace, where the source of her creativity and joy takes place. Talents who design and craft its jewels with love, care, patienceand infinite craftsmanship. A story that begins with the finest quality diamonds,gemstones and pearls, eighteen karat gold embrace that unfolds with smooth, feminine and even iconic lines inspired by the pure genius of those who grew up with the traditionfor beauty.
Skilled hands of expert artisans are those who craft jewelry to last for eternity and pass on the emotions of cherished moments over time. A scintillating story steeped in the values of a family that wrote part of the history of Italian jewelry for over half a century.


We want every piece of jewelry to be created ethically and responsibly and are proud that it represents the combined efforts of a chain of talents. We create forever jewelry by using only 18-karat gold and selecting the finest quality diamonds, gemstones and pearls.
We have chosen italian creativity, skills, and artisanal craftsmanship. Every day we strive to ensure that the timehonored traditions of italian master goldsmiths continue to be the jewel in italy’s crown.