Founded in the late 1990s by the Broggian family, entrepreneurs in the jewelry world since the middle of the last century, MIMI offers "prêt-à-porter" jewelry with a cosmopolitan style, where pearls and color are the protagonists.

Feminine jewels, which abandon themselves to the sinuosity of the skin naturally. A happy and joyful character, sentimental and sensual. Unique, like the essence of every woman.

Iconic is he Milano collection, made with the best South Sea and Tahiti pearls in the world and a tension system patented over 25 years ago that allows the pearls and precious stones to be admired in their entirety, becoming an integral part of the jewel they are made of. The absolute protagonists.

MIMI pearls are meant to add beauty to great women who, like them, are very rare.


Passion and our values are central to everything we do. Both are reflected in the craftsmanship and design of our jewellery, as well as in our approach to customers, partners and colleagues.

We are a family business, attentive to people, to social commitment, to work ethics, to the environment in which we live and which we will leave to future generations.

We create jewelry forever, using only recycled gold and silver. We choose only the highest quality materials and always in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.


We want every jewel to be created in an ethical and responsible way and we are proud that it represents the result of a chain of excellent talents, an expression of Italian savoir faire, from Torre del Greco to Milan, via Arezzo, Valenza and Vicenza.


MIMI belongs to the world of beauty, which has no boundaries. But it has a place where gold melts, stones and pearls are placed in a chest, before becoming fairy tales and jewels.

Italy. Where art participates in life and hands know how to shape treasures. We have chosen Italian creativity, skills and craftsmanship.

We work every day to help ensure that the long tradition of Italian goldsmith masters continues to be a flagship of our country.


We strive for uncompromising quality in everything we do, which is why we are committed to always putting quality first together with work ethics.

Together with our craftsmen we take care of all the details to ensure that each jewel is unique and special for whoever will wear it.


With deep roots into the tradition, the continuous research anticipates and creates new trends.

MIMI originates from a contemporary and current lifestyle. She feeds on fashion and trends, interpreting them with the most sophisticated ethical and sustainable materials and turning them into classic, wearable, multi-occasional jewels.

The design of the collections is entrusted to Cosimo Vinci, a multicultural artist, whose creativity is characterized by a bold, curious and experimental nature, which continuously leads him away from the traditional research areas, towards the fascinating direction of a transversal interdisciplinary of the fashion and jewelry systems, with a particular attitude to a highly communication design.


Inspired by the eternal symbols that speak to us of life and harmony, Ognibene is MIMI's talisman. A secret wish for a peaceful existence, full of happiness and joy.

The Ognibene symbol is part of the symbols and ideograms from the millenary oriental communication culture, re-proposed by MIMI in a stylized key.

Ognibene represents MIMI's certificate of authenticity and is present in all jewels, with a few exceptions where the technical characteristics of the jewel do not allow it.

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