Genuine, spontaneous, witty. Simply MIMI: a free-spirited, international woman, who loves iridescent pearls and vibrantly colored gemstones.

Jewelry that naturally indulges every sinuous contour of the skin and reveals the luxury of being utterly yourself. Sentimental and sensual, tender and rebellious, classic and rock. As unique as the true essence of a woman.

MIMI dares gracefully.

Her long and seductive necklaces, the oversized cocktail rings, the passion for earrings have become classics, while her passion for pendant earrings and fun charms is legendary. Her creations are iconic: the essence of the lines, the uniqueness of the pearls.


We are a family-run company that cares about people, social commitment, workplace ethics, and the environment in which we live and that we will leave to the future generations.

We create jewelry designed to last forever, using only recovered gold and silver. We choose only the finest quality materials and always in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.


MIMI belongs to the world of beauty, a world without boundaries. But it does have a place where the recovered gold and silver are melted, and gemstones and pearls rest in a safe until they can be transformed into stories and jewelry.

Italy. Where art is part of life and gifted hands fashion exquisite treasures. We have chosen Italian creativity, skills, and artisanal craftsmanship.

Everyday we strive to ensure that the time-honored traditions of Italian master goldsmiths continue to be the jewel in Italy’s crown.


With deep roots into the tradition, the continuous research anticipates and creates new trends.

MIMI originates from a contemporary and current lifestyle. She feeds on fashion and trends, interpreting them with the most sophisticated ethical and sustainable materials and turning them into classic, wearable, multi-occasional jewels


Cheerful Jewelry, easy to be worn on any occasion, be it official, glamorous or informal.

A unique positioning of its kind, with a well-defined price between 200 and 800 Euro for a jewelry that stems from a contemporary lifestyle, fuelled by fashion and trends interpreted with perfectly unique pieces that can be easily worn in every occasion.

From 500 to 5,000 Euro for iconic, timeless jewels. Jewelry with the finest and rarest pearls that MIMI reinterprets with the uniqueness and elegance of her own bold and iconic style.


Inspired from the symbol of life and harmony, Ognibene is the Mimí talisman.

A secret wish for a serene existence full of happiness and joy, presents on each Mimí jewel.

The Ognibene is the Mimí certificate of authenticity. (With the few exception of those items on which the particular technical features do not allow it).


We want every piece of jewelry to be created ethically and responsibly and are proud that it represents the combined efforts of a chain of talents, expression of the Italian savoir faire, from Torre del Greco to Milan, passing through Arezzo, Valenza and Vicenza.

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