In one word: M.I.M.I.

llaria and Marco Broggian. We are the second generation of a family that comes from an area of outstanding beauty between Padua and Venice.

Being surrounded by a wealth of beauty ignited a passion that our family have been translating into fabulous jewellery since the 1950’s. Milanesi by adoption, it is in the Italian capital of design and fashion that MIMI has become a leading company in the jewelery with pearls and precious stones.

We love travels, music, reading, freedom of expression, being comfortable with ourselves and with the others and respect.

We are proud to be a family run company that operates in nearly fifty countries with high managerial standards, strict fair trade policies, blending ethical principles with good taste and passion for skillfully crafted beauty. And the best is yet to come!

Cosimo Vinci can be defined as a multicultural artist, whose creativity is characterized by a bold, curious and experimental nature, which continuously leads him away from the traditional research areas, towards the fascinating direction of a transversal interdisciplinary of the fashion and jewelry systems, with a particular attitude to a highly communicative design.

Cosimo Vinci is a designer of accessories and jewelry, a teacher of creativity and methodology of higher education design, he is the author of publications on jewelry design.

Cosimo Vinci, strongly valued the corporate heritage of MIMI, the relevance of the memory, for a modern jewelry which strengthen the corporate identity.

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