The entrepreneurial adventure of the Broggian family began with the distribution of diamonds in the late 1950s, followed by increasing diversification and internationalization.

In 1962, Fausto Broggian founded the first Broggian company in Milan, together with his brothers, specializing in the marketing of diamonds and diamond jewelry, becoming a member of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange and the Italian Gemological Institute (IGI).

The Broggian Group represents a prestigious example of competitive and dynamic Italian entrepreneurship in the jewelry sector. Since its foundation, the Group has successfully combined strong and competent management with innovative creativity, always expressed using top-quality materials and skilled craftsmen.

Diamonds and pearls, and more generally the entire range of precious stones, represent the natural elements from which Broggian jewelry originates, as direct descendants of the Italian tradition in design and luxury.


Commercial partner with Mikimoto since the second half of the 1980s, from the 1990s Broggian creates and produces in Italy a high jewelry line with pearls that represents the top of the range in the sector, the Compagnia delle Perle, better known as Collezione Milano.


At the end of the 1990s, Broggian launches its most daring and fascinating challenge: MIMI, a young brand of modern and bright jewelry. A collection of precious "pret-à-porter" jewels with a cosmopolitan style, recognizable by its unusual chromatic combinations of gold, pearls, diamonds, and precious stones. Furthermore, the group diversifies its distribution business and introduces Chaumet as the exclusive distributor of watches and jewelry in Italy and Malta.

In 2010, MIMI celebrates its anniversary with the publication of the book "10 years MIMI", a fabulous adventure through 10 years of the brand's beauty and passion. Consolidating its international presence in Europe, the Middle East, and South America, the Broggian group also becomes a member of the CIBJO pearl commission, the World Jewellery Confederation.


MIMI's journey around the world continues with the opening of the Milan Boutique in Via Gesù in 2012, followed by Tsum in Moscow, Dlt in Saint Petersburg, and Isetan in Tokyo, in addition to appearances at international fairs such as Las Vegas, "Doha Exhibition," and "Bahrain Jewellery."


Then comes the moment of art. In 2015, MIMI is exhibited at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan in the exhibition "Jewelry - Art and Nourishment for the Soul," a show that highlights the excellence, skill, sophistication of made in Italy, and the unique heritage of knowledge in the goldsmith sector. In 2016, MIMI is featured at the Triennale di Milano during the international exhibition "Brilliant! The future of Italian jewellery" aimed at repositioning Italian jewelry among the arts, highlighting not only its manufacturing vocation but also technological innovation, the paradigms of tradition, and the scenarios of the future.

In the same years, Broggian consolidates the growth of its Broggian Milano diamond collection, which also develops as a private label for some important jewelers and opens the first international boutique at Ginza Six in Tokyo.

By the end of 2018, MIMI is a luxury jewelry brand present in over 40 countries worldwide and, thanks to the vast experience gained in the world of pearls and the unique design of the Milano Collection, becomes the leading Italian luxury brand in the production and marketing of pearl jewelry.



Marco, Ilaria, Milan, Italy. In one word: M.I.M.I.

The family tradition continues today with Marco and Ilaria Broggian, the second generation of a family that since the mid-20th century has translated its ancient passion for beauty into jewelry.

Adopted Milanese, passionate about travel, music, and reading. Proud to be a family company that for nearly sixty years has operated with managerial criteria and commercial fairness in almost 50 countries, marrying good taste, a passion for beauty, and continuous research. Marco and Ilaria carry forward the brand's values by creating jewelry for a current and contemporary lifestyle, interpreting it with the most sophisticated, ethical, and sustainable materials and transforming them into classic, wearable, and multi-occasional jewelry.

The journey of MIMI continues...and the best is yet to come!

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