[Za-bèt-te] With a term that dates back to ancient Croatian, today in Milan it refers to the redshanks (or gossip people), those who spend their time in chattering, talking and gossiping.

Like little gossip, minimal vanities, small talk at the tip of the tongue, the rings of MIMI can overlap to each other, make short speeches between the fingers, intertwine with everyday life and let any ordinary day become funny because, as Oscar Wilde said : only one thing is worse than being a victim of gossip, and that is not to be.

9kt rose gold rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces come enriched by the most precious freshwater pearls, from doublets of mother-of-pearl in iridescent colors, corals and from the smallest sardonic cameos in the world.

An embrace of all collectible and stackable colors.

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